The next Basic Manners Classes will begin on Tuesday, JANUARY 19th at 6PM.

Please fill out the registration form, attach a copy of the dog’s rabies certificate, and pay to reserve your place in class.

I will be sending out a confirmation email with more information the week prior to class.

Class Descriptions:


Basic Manners Class:

6 weeks long.

$150 and includes a training collar, training manual, and treats. This class is appropriate for both puppies and adult dogs that have not had prior training. We cover the following topics:

-Lay down
-Come when called
-Walk on a loose leash
-Beginning agility


Advanced Manners Class:

6 weeks long

$150. This class is designed for dogs that have completed the Basic Manners class. This is a more challenging class that is also a lot of fun. The exercises for the AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) are taught in this class, with a CGC test offered the last night of class.

The class covers the following:

-Obedience with distractions
-Greeting people and other dogs with good manners
-Calmly accepting handling by other people
-Remaining quiet during a supervised separation
-Coming when called with distractions


  • All dogs must be up to date on the combo vaccination as well as the rabies vaccination. Please provide proof of vaccines. Puppies must be 4 months old and have all of their vaccines before beginning classes.

    I understand that participation in dog training is not without risk to my self, any family members or guests who might attend, and to my dog. Knowing this, I hereby waive and release K-9 Action, Tara Wilson and the owner/s of the property the training is held on from any and all liability of any nature, for injury or damage suffered as a result of my or my dog’s participation in any class, private lesson, training camp, or other training activity including any damage or injury resulting from the action of any person or dog, or for any accident occurring on the premises or its surroundings. I agree to accept full responsibility for my actions, those of my family or guests and of my dog.
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